Taking on Disney and Food Allergies

I’ve seen a couple of people participating in the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Twitter stream talking about how Disney works with food allergies and special needs.   If you or someone in your family has food allergies, please check out  this post  I wrote a year ago after coming back from a rather successful trip to the Mouse.  My daughter has severe food allergies and we need to be most cautious anywhere.  It’s anxiety inducing on the best of days, and I dare not even imagine what the worst would be like.

The good news is that Disney is rather good about dealing with any special needs, especially food allergies.  Check out my prior post, but also go to Disney’s own food allergy page to be fully prepared for any issues.  The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) posts travel tips to get you through the rest of your trip.  Anyone affected by food allergies should be a FAAN member and use their site – it’s most literally a lifesaver.

New since I wrote the post last year – booking restaurant reservations online!  Saves time and energy (I hate being on the phone!) and you can note any food allergies and accessibility requirements on your reservation.

Not only can you be safe at Disney when it comes to food allergies, you can also relax a little knowing that they get allergies and want to help.

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