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Gluten-Free Dining at Disney – New App Review

Last year, my younger child was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Despite it being hereditary, thus far he’s the only family member with it.  It’s very important for those with Celiac to eat a gluten-free diet.  Even though Jordan ate gluten (some days exclusively) for all of his 7 years, we learned his body was reacting negatively to it and causing him to not absorb nutrients from food.  So, his meals have to be free of all gluten products.

We have a trip to Disney coming up later this year.  It will be our second trip after learning of his diagnosis.  On our February trip, we had pretty good experiences at the full service restaurants we went to.  Most were able to cook special GF items (GF Mickey waffles FTW!) or tell us what items were already GF that we should try.

One night I was tired (Princess Marathon weekend, and I was running) and just wanted to eat a quick dinner at the pool.  I went to the counter service line and asked what they could do that was GF because nothing on the menu looked like it would work.  The chef rummaged around the freezer a little and came up with a frozen package of Udi’s hamburger buns and announced he could have a burger with fries, but the fries would take a little while because she had to heat up the separate fryer.  I told her burger = good, and skip the fries because he doesn’t like them.  I was able to substitute chips instead.

That worked out well, but I really don’t feel like taking that chance all the time.  I’d like a little more knowledge about what’s GF safe and what should be avoided.   I use a Disney dining app (not by Disney) extensively.  What if they had a GF version?  Well, that company didn’t make one, but a quick search of the app store brought up an app called Gluten Free Disney Dining by Calypso Kid.  I figured for $1.99 it was worth a try.

Net net, I was quite pleased with it and think it will be a great tool before and during my vacation.  I put together a little video to talk about my experience in more depth and why this app is so important.

Just LOVING that thumbnail shot.  Trust me, the rest of the video is better.

How have you managed your food allergies at Disney?