We’re off to Disney Social Media Moms!

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 6.16.54 AMI am so happy to say that TODAY we are on our way to Florida to experience the wonder and magic that is Disney Social Media Moms.

Disney Social Media Moms is an invite-only professional conference for families to experience the magic of the Walt Disney World resort.  It allows moms (and a few dads) to form real world relationships with people we may only know from their blogs or Facebook.  It’s a jam-packed 4 days weekend of thrills, surprises and wonder.

I’m a repeat attendee, so I know there is some wonder ahead of me.  Still, there are so many surprises up the sleeves of the amazing team that puts this shindig on.  I have no idea what to expect.

Here are the things we simply must do this trip:

1. Down Time!  Funny I should put that first!  The conference is taking place at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and that is where we will be staying as well.  When I was a kid, I always dreamed of staying on property, and the only place I could imagine would be right for me was the hotel that the monorail went through.  The Magic Kingdom resort area is breathtakingly beautiful, and I am not ashamed to say we need to just sit around and soak it all in for a while.

2. Expand Jordan’s ride tolerance – I really really want to get him to try a “bigger kid” ride this trip.  After watching a Disney video, he’s decided that should be Splash Mountain, and he wants to ride it FIRST.  I think that *might* be a bit scary for him, so we’re going to work our way up to it.  Maybe we’ll start with Goofy’s Barnstormer first.  Actually, since we’ll be in Epcot as our first park, the revamped “Test Track” should do the trick.

3. Experience the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival – at least the eating part.  I’m not much in the garden, but you know my love for the kitchen.   I’m not sure if it’s a new edition or if it’s always been there, but they have over 15 booths around World Showcase featuring seasonal specialties and foods from many nations.  If it sounds to you like the Food and Wine festival, that’s what I’m thinking too.  I’m also thinking my tummy is a little rumbly right now just thinking about it.

4. Get Jordan a haircut at the Main Street barber shop.  I’ve been so busy prepping for this trip and with everything else going on in my life, I’ve neglected my son’s hair.  He can not only get a haircut, he can get colored gels and castle confetti in his hair, and I assure you he will talk about it for months.  Note to parents of girls – they do really cute updos there as well, with the gels and confetti, for a fraction of what Bippity Boppity costs.

5. Get Sarah social!  A lot of the families coming to the Celebration have kids around her age.  I would love to see her find a friend she connect with, much in the same way I have connected with so many amazing women at previous Celebrations.

Now, off to final packing preparations!  I look forward to reporting on the conference from Orlando.  If you want to follow the goings-on through Twitter, the official twitter account is @disneysmmoms and the hashtag is #disneysmmoms.

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  1. Ok so I love that we both posted our bucket lists! I am betting we will run into you a few times 🙂 safe travels!

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