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The Pixie Dust Girls were the recipients of a lovely package from Disney Publishing.  It was a to-die-for Minnie Mouse tote bag filled with a few treats, including new books and a magazine all about Minnie and Daisy.

Have you ever wondered what Minnie and Daisy’s lives were like before Mickey and Donald?  Minnie and Daisy were friends long before they met their dashing duck and magical mouse, and they went through all the trials and tribulations of growing up just like all girls do.

 Now, Minnie and Daisy have their very own magazine and four chapter books that are the perfect read for tween girls who embrace school, sports, fashion, and growing up:

In Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. Magazine, girls will read about the power of friendship, take quizzes, do fun crafts, learn about caring for pets, read about fashion and their favorite music, and play games with their best gal pals. Surprise posters and comics are included, too! The magazine hits newsstands today at all major retail outlets nationwide for $4.99.

Even more fun is available through the Minnie & Daisy B.F.F. chapter book series! Two new books include “The Pesky Pet,” “Much Ado About Juliet,” “Dance Jitters,” with two additional books coming out in July.” Tween girls can read along as Minnie and Daisy get themselves in, and out, of some typical teenage situations. These titles are available for $6.99 wherever books and eBooks are sold.

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My girl is a little too old for these (13) but like a true pixie dust girl she squealed with delight anyhow and read the books for fun to her little brother.  Yes, the small man has quite a crush on these two fetching ladies, so he sat still for almost the whole read thru.  I think any tween girl would think these were awesome as they are a very girly take on the chapter book.

Disclosure: I received a tote bag with gifts and books from Disney Publishing but was not required or asked to review the books.    



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