A Night with ANN

0It’s time for the Pixie Dust Girl to get back to the theatre!  I’ve had quite a month when it comes to seeing shows, and I want to share it all with you, starting with ANN.

Last week, I got the chance to check out this new play written by and starring actress Holland Taylor.

ANN is an intimate, no-holds-barred portrait of Ann Richards, the legendary Governor of Texas. This inspiring and hilarious new play brings us face to face with a complex, colorful and captivating character bigger than the state from which she hailed. Written and performed by Emmy Award winner Holland Taylor (“Two and a Half Men”), ANN takes a revealing look at the impassioned woman who enriched the lives of her followers, friends and family.

Let me just say that I absolutely ADORE Holland Taylor.  She’s practically a master class in comic timing.  When I heard that she was doing this play, I was intrigued.  Where did she come up with the idea of taking on the story Ann Richards, Texas Governor?  Would my conservative Texas father disown me for attending the play, even though I was there for the actress, not the story?  Could a one-woman show that runs about 2 hours with an intermission keep my attention and ward off the fidget bugs?

The answers to these questions are here, don’t know yet but remember it wasn’t a political statement, and mostly yes.  Holland Taylor makes you forget you are watching Holland Taylor, and it’s not just the hair and makeup.  She truly embodies this woman, this myth, and makes her real.  From the openings of the play at a commencement address for an unnamed Texas school to the “day in the life” of the Governor, you truly get a sense of what drove this woman and what it was like to be a woman of power trying to lead her state.  The stories she tells about her parents (hint, there may be a reason for her having mother issues) and their place in putting her on the paths she took are intriguing.  There is a very good subplot (if a one-woman play can have a subplot) about a man on death row for murdering an elderly nun – will Gov Richards grant the man a stay of his execution?  She lays out exactly what a governor can and cannot do (issue a 30 day stay, yes, pardon him, no), weaving it expertly into all the other things that the Governor has to do in a day’s work.

Did I fidget?  A bit towards the conclusion of the second act.  After the day in the life ends, there seem to be 3 other scenes of Ann after death looking back that go on a little too long and could have been greatly condensed.  Would I take my husband, the master fidgeter, to see this?  Not sure.  On the one hand, I saw a few males doing the sleepy time head bob in the audience, including one gentleman right in front of me who was about to do a slumbering back flip into my lap.  On the other hand, he adores Holland Taylor too, and that can overcome a lot.  Overall, though, I really enjoyed the play and marveled at the tenacity of Holland Taylor – she’s no spring chicken but she can take over the stage for 2 hours straight, and let me tell you, if she flubbed a line, we were none the wiser.  The show is worth it, just make sure you keep your blood sugar levels even for maximum alertness.

The playing schedule for ANN is: Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm, with matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 3pm. Tickets range from $75 – $125 and can purchased at the Vivian Beaumont Theater box office, online at lct.org or through Telecharge.com (212-239-
6200). A limited number of tickets priced at $30 will be available at every performance through LincTix, LCT’s program for 21 to 35 year olds. For information or to enroll, visit LincTix.org. A, limited number of $30.00 Student tickets for ANN are available two hours prior to curtain at the box office. Students must show
a valid student ID card. There is a limit of 1 ticket per ID.


Disclosure – I was provide with a pair of tickets to ANN by CultureMom Media.  I was not told what to say about the play, and I 100% own my fidgeting.  

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