Pixie Dust Girls is the online home of Ellen Gerstein.  I’m Ellen. Hey.

I used to write a blog called Confessions of an IT Girl.  While I loved writing there, and was so proud of the work I did, like most of us, we reach a time where our blog doesn’t reflect who we are anymore.  That happened.  It was at a point where all I wanted to talk about was Disney.  Hence, Pixie Dust Girls was born.  Because really, we could all use a little more pixie dust in our lives.

I’m married to a great guy named Michael.  We have two amazing kids, Sarah and Jordan.

But we have a lot in common.  We love all things Disney – we love going to Disney parks, movies and live events.  In 2013, we joined Disney Vacation Club so we can insure many more Disney vacations in years to come.  We have more Disney shirts than our local Disney store.  And that’s all right with us.

We also love to read.  I used to work in publishing, so I am pretty picky about what I read.

We hope to use this blog to talk about our Disney experiences, books we love, what it’s like to be a mom (and a teen) and in general spread a little of the pixie dust that we have been blessed with throughout the inter webs.

If you want to contact us, you can reach Ellen at ellen.gerstein@verizon.net or (818) 643-1872.

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